Board of Governors

The Executive Council of the IOED is headed by Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, Executive President and Chairman of the Council of Governors. He is assisted by the Vice Presidents, Governor General, Central Governors, Governors, Lt. Governors, ambassadors, Special Envoys, High Commissioners, Director General, Executive Staffs and consultants paid and voluntary. He also has wide-ranging experience in trade negotiations, and international economics and diplomacy.

Board of Governors:
Mr. Mohan Singh Sudan
Lieutenant Governor - North America and South Asian Continent
  Mr. Pedrito Marrero
Lieutenant Governor - International Cooperation
  Mr. Robby Wells
Lt. Governor - United States of America (South)
  IFS Her Charan Singh Dhody (Retd)
Lieutenant Governor - International Cooperation
  Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi
Lieutenant Governor - Middle East Continent
  Mr. Mehar Bhai
Lieutenant Governor - World peace affairs
  Mr. Michael Bailou
Lieutenant Governor to the Caribbean Region
  Mr. Rajan Sachdeva
Lieutenant Governor - Asia Region - 3
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