Human Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development based on the Principles of Cognitive Science and ICT

The IOED ( is a worldwide body fully Accredited permanent organization established under a charter and constitutional protocol for educational and economic co-operation, functioning in accordance with the United Nations through the United Nations Convention signed in Vienna between the States on April 18, 1961 on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and having special Extraterritorial Status duly registered and approved to establish Internal Court and Force to protect its Mission Offices world-wide like a Sovereign Nation with global mandates and with its rights and privileges hereby declare to the global society that the diplomatic Mission in collaboration with Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality (SCOSAQ) a Non-profit NGO approved under 12AA and 80G of Income Tax department of Government of India for Human Resource Development and Social Reformation and it being a unique Academic Research Movement in Cognitive Science aimed for international cognition for peace and prosperity Jointly constituted its DII (Development International Institute) with the title of INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY FOR SOCIAL EXCELLENCE to connect with the Sovereign States by the Headquarter Agreements which sought to establish a permanent organizational / Academic network in various countries to continue cognitive research work on a joint Skill and Entrepreneurship development program empowering Universities / Industries, Governmental and Intergovernmental institutions globally and in particular to establish Universal harmony academically developing mankind for creativity and for social excellence.

The Cognitive Science is the ancient educational system to study of thought, learning and mental organization, which draws on aspects of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer modeling. Human beings are molecules of mental world presently placed in Time world with inherent access link to mental world with the scope of enter to the spiritual world and to get further to the world of freedom of excellence and for being an eternal entrepreneur. This is called Cognitive path of human development. To develop mankind in this natural order we have to adopt Cognitive Education. Cognition is a process of integration of Science and Art for Quality, Welfare, Livelihood Sustenance and Economic development. Ultimately it is the movement of life as harmonious culture towards excellence of peace and prosperity. Basically, the vision and Mission of Education, Industry and Social Mentoring etc are aimed to put the mankind in the above prospective path of human excellence. It is with these objectives only the ancient scholars have developed religion (Science of Exactitude and Arts) as Cognitive Science and Art of Human development.

Everyone knows and understands that education is the only key or the medicine to cure all the ills prevalent in the society but how many of us are seriously working in this direction. In order to copy the western culture we Indians have ultimately lost our precious ancient education system and now we are crying and shouting at each other.

We are expressing our interest for an affiliation with the existing esteemed Universities and Governments of all member UN Nations. The government of India has come out with more liberal policies for Distance Education and Research under joint certification scheme. The advantage what we are finding with the Universities is that liberal approach to have the education for rural & poor population of India as per Indian costs and freedom. For this purpose, we have already formed an International Academy for Social Excellence – IASE (Development International Institution – DII of the IOED and the Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality – SCOSAQ

It is indeed a great news and a reason to celebrate that the following message is being proposed in the conference to be held on 17th September 2017 of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly by one of the World Leader:

“India - HRH General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India, Executive President of the International Organization for Educational Development – IOED sponsored Super Power to be successful in the 50 African countries together with India shared growth and development. I request that the World Finance Fund be put on the IOED Super Power as a direct to the United States Creative Movement in Sovereign Wealth of the World Financial Organization so that it can become a World Leader Nation in the future of humanity.

The United Nations World Rehabilitation Bank is also preparing to join the United Nations and the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization in the Super Power Plan of IOED, which is preparing to realize India and 50 African countries as well as being systematically stabilized”.

The Cognitive Science has considerable significance at this awaken juncture of Global Socio – Economic – Political – Industrial – Academic need for change. The gradual realization of ICT – Information – Communication and Technology as core components of life has been the basic aspirations for the change. The fact is that ICT itself is the core foundation of the human life.

Information is the infinite world of knowledge. Communication is cognition of Science and Art conceptually for productivity and technology is the Art of creativity and altogether constitute into entrepreneurship. This Universal cognitive science, Art and skill of creativity have not been explored in the contemporary world in its desired manner and there exists a research gap.

It is quite appropriate at this point of time for the integration of India with the entire World to create a platform for research so as to arrive strategic alliances industrially, academically and culturally addressing the basic problems of all UN Nations as the first unit of the global link for resurgence of excellence, the reason being that the relationship of the India with all UN Nations is very universal like of mother and child.

The India is the mother of cognitive wisdom. Integration of information or knowledge of all continents conceptually communicating will result to improved technology of productivity. The International Academy of Social Excellence “IASE” Joint Venture of the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” and the Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality “SCOSAQ” is arranging an Human Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development based on Principles of Cognitive Science and ICT on 24th November 2017 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Sector 18, NOIDA, inviting Authorized representatives (Diplomats) of all UN Nations and the Vice-Chancellors of all Universities. Selected individuals and institutions will also be honoured for their achievements. This Conference can create a unique platform between all the continents to play key roles accelerating the pace of economic development for its beloved people for being emulative to the entire global Nations.

Integration of all the continents and within builds collaborations between Universities, industries, scholars and researchers will bring a major prospective scenario for improved better relations and improved work culture of peace and prosperity to all the people.

The natural science and Art of the Universe and human development is Cognition Education. Understanding the natural science and Art of the Universe and attaining the skill for introducing and re-engineering academic, industrial and social governance systems in cognizance with quality science and art of the Universe to enjoy the natural peace and prosperity is the urgent need for change. This will reconnect the mankind back into the Mother Nature like a calf joints with the mother Cow prosperous with milk of life.

We are grateful and extend our heartfelt courtesy to the government of India for their valuable moral support to this Conference and to its integration mission.

Subsequent to the success of this Conference, the IOED through its Development International Institute International Academy for Social Excellence will step into its Dream and Prominent Project HRD Research in Cognitive Science, Entrepreneurship & Skill development programs with startup projects in Agriculture, Industry and Academics supported with certified vocational and Diplomas in traditional Cognitive Science of Universal health and education like of Ayurveda and Herbals – Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Character Education, Computer Literacy, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Robotics, Self Defense and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement.

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