Executive Council and Board of Governors

The Executive Council of the IOED is headed by the Executive President and Chairman of the Council of Governors. He is assisted by Vice Presidents, Governor General, Central Governors, Governors, Lt. Governors, ambassadors, Special Envoys, High Commissioners, Director General, Executive Staffs and consultants paid and voluntary.

The Executive President of the IOED is the President of the Executive Council of the Governors. He enjoys a discretionary power to assign tasks within the Council. He names the various positions. He represents the Institution at the Parliaments of the Member States and at the partner institutions of the IOED. The Executive President holds a pre-eminence whose influence exceeds broadly his powers which restrict him to an administrative and formal role. At the time of his election by the Assembly, the Executive President makes a statement of general policy and strategic orientation of the activity of the institution. He defines the orientation with regard to co-operation. The Executive President has at his disposal a cabinet for his functions.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma is heading the organization as Executive President and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the IOED. He has an extensive background as an academic, and a holder of high office in UN affiliated bodies, Security agencies and International Organizations.

He also has wide-ranging experience in trade negotiations, and international economics and diplomacy.

Executive Council:
H.E. Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, PhD. DhC
Executive President and Chairman of the Council of Governors
H.E. Engr. Dr. Neha Sharma, PhD. DhC
Executive Vice-President in Charge of the Headquarters and spokesperson of the Executive President (VPSP)
H.E. Dr. Mohamed Gamal Kafafy, PhD.
Executive Vice-President
  H.E. Prof. Dr. Jagannath Patnaik
Principal Advisor

(Honourable Vice Chancellor of the Kalinga University)
  H.E. Vikas Mittra Saxena
  H.E. Dr. Arbind Prasad, IAS (Retd)
Director General - Human Resource Department

(Director General - FICCI)
  H.E. R. A. Israel, IAS (Retd)
Deputy Director General - Services contract, Training and Administration

(Director at Officer's IAS Academy)
  H.E. Sudarsan Nayak, IAS (Retd)
Director - Legal Services

(Former Chairman - CESU and Secretary, Government of ODISHA)
  H.E. Dr. K Nithyanandan Nair
Director-cum-Academic Research Adviser

(Cognitive HRD Scientist and Founder President - Society for cognition of Science and Art for Quality - SCOSAQ)
  H.E. Dr. Pedrito Marrero
Central Governor - United States of America

(International President & Ambassador at Large of the International Human Rights Peace Commission)
  H.E. Robby Wells
Governor - United States of America

(International Spokesperson of the International Human Rights Peace Commission)
  H.E. Mohan Singh Sudan
Lieutenant Governor and Ambassador to the North America and South Asian Continent

(President & CEO of the Indo Global Business Park (IGBP), Mohali, India)
  H.E. Her Charan Singh Dhody, IFS (Retd)
Lieutenant Governor - International Cooperation

(Former Ambassador, MEA, Government of India)
  H.E. Mehar Bhai
Lieutenant Governor - World peace affairs

(Ombudsman NCT of Delhi and world peace activist)
  H.E. Rajan Sachdeva
Lieutenant Governor Asia Region 3

(Head Institutional Corporate Alliances & Partnerships iMET Global & BFG corporation Ltd.)
  H.E. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi
Lieutenant Governor Middle East Continent

(Chief Imam - All India Imam Organization)
  H.E. Kushal Jain
Lieutenant Governor Southern Africa Region

(Chief Executive Officer of the Plus Group)
  H.E. Dr. Anton Todorov
Ambassador and Resident Representative to the Switzerland and Lichtenstein

(President of Royal Academy of United Nation-Bulgaria and Switzerland & President & Honoured Member of International Chamber of Commerce of Royal Academy of United Nation)
  H.E. Dr. Man Mohan Kumar Shukla
Ambassador and Resident Representative to the Great Britain and Northern Ireland

(Former Deputy General Manager - Hindustan Copper Limited)
  H.E. Sumit Kumar
Ambassador and Resident Representative to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

(Commissioned Officer of the International Police Commission - IPC India Command)
  H.E. Shyam Krishna, IAS (Retd)
Ambassador and Resident Representative to the Sri Lanka

(Former Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh)
  H.E. Rev. Ian Gaylard CMAS IPC
Ambassador to the African Union

(Security Director and Negotiator of the Global Risk International (GRI) Ltd., United Kingdom)
  H.E. Virat Chitranshi
Ambassador to the African League

(National Level Monitor at Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India)
  H.E. Prof. Kamal Kant Dwivedi
Ambassador to the UN missions in the Federal Republic of Germany

(President - Global Academy of Doctorates, Former Vice Chancellor Appeejay Stya University and Advisor - NCSTC)
  H.E. Prof. Dr. Jerry Luftman, Ph.D
Ambassador to the South America continent

(Management Consultant and Dean of Stevens Institute of Technology)
  H.E. Vijendra K. Agarwal
Ambassador to the UN missions in the United States of America

(Renowned Educationalist and Honorary Brand Ambassador of Times of India)
H.E. Achal K. Malhotra, IFS (Retd)
(Diplomat/ Analyst International Affairs and Former Ambassador, MEA, Government of India)
  H.E. David Kulu Otto, MSc., CMAS
Deputy Ambassador to the African Union

(Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and Director of the TGS Consultants Ltd., United Kingdom)
  H.E. Dr. Alwin Roland Timothy
Deputy Ambassador and Resident Representative to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

(Director of the International Human Rights Peace Commission)
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