Centre for Social Excellence - CSE Council and Chapters

The International Academy for Social Excellence – IASE is A Joint Venture Project of the Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality – SCOSAQ – the NGO for the Welfare, Sustenance, Livelihood and Economic Development of the Poor Citizens of the Society and the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” – An International Diplomatic Mission for Educational Development (Research & Training), Cultural Relationship and Economic Cooperation.

Universe in cognition with Nature had created human beings with utmost care, love and affection like children in family, some children will be smart and quick learners and some may be weak. It is the duty of the smarter and strong children to support their parents in mentoring the weaker children to have a healthy family.

Human Empowerment Project is based on Cognitive Science for Socio-Economic-Educational Development of the Global Society.

Education is a Holistic Research Mission and fundamental right of every citizen and it is here the focus of the IOED – IASE.

The IOED – IASE is a International, Inter-University, Inter-territorial, Socio-Academic and Economic Autonomous Movement as a Sovereign Nation fully independent under the Agies of UN for International Peace and Prosperity invites applications and heartily welcome Technocrats, Guest Lecturers and Ad-hoc Teachers to empower themselves with the talent and qualification they possess to get prepared to work internationally. Also those who are already employed can have the membership of the IOED – IASE and participate, contributing their valuable views in the resurgence movement of the IOED – IASE. It is a step to bring the revolution in the education sector by building quality into our system and resources in line with the Quality Council of India for being a global citizen.

On planet earth the weaker children are those living in under developed countries like Africa. And stronger children are those in countries like India and some Asian, European countries. As said in the family to have a healthy planet it is duty of country like India to mentor countries in Africa like an elder brother mentor his younger ones. Empower them and bringing them in par with other siblings.

The IASE comprising of Panel of Innovative and Internationally acclaimed team of Scientists lead by Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma and Dr. K. Nithyanandan Nair in the field of Education, Industry, Police, Defense, Agriculture, Research etc. will be associating with Universities, Research Institutes for the development of the people living there and development of the country.

To support the Government for the effective Empowerment and Welfare of the people and considering present decisive situation of the Nation, the International Academy for Social Excellence “IASE” is deciding to open one Centre for Social Excellence – CSE Council in each state / UT and one CSE Chapter in all Parliamentary Constituencies of the Republic of India. The IASE has already established Centre for Social Excellence – CSE Chapters in Calicut, Bangalore and Delhi in India, and abroad in USA, UAE. These types of CSE Centres and Chapters will be started in all Member Nations.

Research project in Cognitive Science is to Empowering people and Systems with Skill development and Entrepreneurship programs focusing on start-up projects in Academic and Industry. The project will be supported with certified vocational and Diplomas in traditional science of Universal health and education like of Ayurveda and Herbals – Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Character Education, Computer Literacy, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Robotics, Self Defence and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement in the Universal interest.

The CSE Councils formed by IASE will be headed by a Post Doctoral Fellow and the CSE Chapters by Doctoral Aspirant. The Doctoral aspirant will be supported by a member who is well aware of tax policies/laws and a second member (preferably retired bureaucrat/senior government official) who can liaison to raise Government funds.

The Centre for Social Excellency - CSE Council and Chapters of the IOED is headed by the Executive President and Chairman of the Council of Governors. He is assisted by the Vice Presidents, Governor General, Central Governors, Governors and Lt. Governors, ambassadors, Special Envoys, High Commissioners, Director General, Executive Staffs and consultants paid and voluntary.

Members of the Centre for Social Excellency - CSE Council and Chapters are former and active Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors of the Universities, PhD. and PhD. pursueing candidates

Management Board:
H.E. Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, PhD. DhC
(Executive President)
  H.E. Dr. K Nithyanandan Nair
(Pro Chancellor)
  H.E. Dr. Neha Sharma, PhD. DhC
(Vice President - HRD)
  Honourable Prakash Chaudhary, Lt. General (Retd.)
(Vice President - Peace Building Commission)
  Honourable Dr. Janardhan Jha (Former Vice Chancellor of IGNOU)
(Vice President- Academics)
  Honourable VPS Panwar (Former Inspector General of CRPF)
(Chairman - National Coordination Committee of Ex-Central Paramilitary Forces Welfare Associations)
  Honourable Jaya Kumar, Advocate
(Member - Legal)
  Honourable Professor Georgios P. Piperopoulos
(Member - Academic, Visiting Professor of Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University)
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