Humanitarian Aid

Deliver Humanitarian Aid under the IOED_NCD_CSR HUB:
The hub would facilitate the following activities:

Supervise the provision of services and supports for Corporates, PSU’S and commercial organisations for CSR implementation:

• Initiate the centralization and coordination of existing industry partners of the IOED

• Initiate program and grant development efforts supporting (1) the long-term sustainability of the CSR Hub.

• Establish the hub as a nexus of activities supporting (1) leadership of initiatives encouraging innovative practices in engaged advising, teaching and learning, research, community collaboration, and institutional citizenship; (2) fostering collaboration among other companies (3) working with government bodies, corporations ,PSU’s and NGO’s to establish a trusted network of organisations to work with

The establishment of the hub thus provides the best institutional opportunity to actualizing and maintaining productive connections between industry and social sector organisations.

The International Organization for Educational Development - IOED is ready, willing and able to sign Partnership Agreement with all the UN Nations for extending all types of financial support through our investors on the issue of Social & Economical Development for the following Humanitarian Projects:

List of Possible Humanitarian Projects:
Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation centres,
Apartment buildings for the homeless,
Civic centre's construction,
Commercial projects, i.e. shopping centres, business start-up grants,
Dredging rivers and waterways,
Electrical power grid infrastructures, Airport,
Green houses and green projects,
Home construction,
Humanitarian and performing arts projects,
Medical clinics and doctors' salary,
Medical research,
Nursing Homes/Retirement centres,
Oil refineries,
Orphanages for children,
Pay down existing national debt
Pollution clean-up projects,
Purchase of freighters and tankers and
Railway transportation and trains,
Renovation of towns and historic areas,
Scholarships for students,
Scientific research projects,
Seaport and highway construction or expansion,
Sewage and water treatment plants,
Solar collection farms,
Theme park and amusement park construction,
Tourist area development....building hotels and restaurants,
University construction and teachers pay,
Waste to energy plants,
Water and sanitation infrastructures,
Water purification plants and systems,
Welfare projects,
Windmill farms to generate electricity,
Youth programs and youth centres

If you desire to add more projects to this list, just keep in mind the money must be used to benefit the society as a whole and for the humanitarian projects as well.

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