India – Africa ICT Knowledge Consortium

The India – Africa ICT Knowledge Consortium has been proposed, accepted and formed on 8th May 2017 by all the Core Committee Members (Directors) of the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” – An International Diplomatic Mission.

Universe in cognition with Nature had created human beings with utmost care, love and affection like children in family, some children will be smart and quick learners and some may be weak. It is the duty of the smarter and strong children to support their parents in mentoring the weaker children to have a healthy family.

On planet earth the weaker children are those living in under developed countries like Africa. And stronger children are those in countries like India and some Asian, European countries. As said in the family to have a healthy planet it is duty of country like India to mentor countries in Africa like an elder brother mentor his younger once. Empower them and bringing them in par with other siblings.

The International Academy for Social Excellence, a research Collaborative organization of the IOED and the SCOSAQ under the patronage of United Nation and based in India is initiating this project to uplift and develop people of African Country to make them in par with developed countries – there by Resurging Africa.

The IASE comprising of Panel of Innovative and Internationally acclaimed team of Scientists lead by H.E. Arvind Kumar Sharma and Dr. K. Nithyanandan Nair in the field of Education, Industry, Police, Defense, Agriculture, Research etc. will be associating with Universities, Research Institutes of African countries for the development of the people living there and development of the country.

To Achieve the above objectives:
IASE will set up CSE International Councils (CSEIC) and CSE Chapters associating with government or nongovernmental bodies.

Each Chapter will be headed by a Researcher for Local University guided by an Indian PDF

There will be a CSE Council and three to eight CSE Chapters in each country depending upon the size and people strength.

Initially CSE Council will be established in developing and larger countries like South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambai, Zimbawae, Congo, Ghana etc. Then to under developed countries and in the last stage to the poorer countries. The reason being that developed counties of the region on empowerment could meet the needs of these countries and gradually educating them as brother nations.

CSE will look into three core areas – Education, Industry and later to the governance. The education will focus on setting schools, colleges associating with Indian Educational Institutions, Research centers. To give a global touch we can involve institutions from other countries as well like US, European. This is to avoid a feeling that we are converting the Africans …depending on India.

In Industry CSE will focus on Agriculture, Food Industry, Dairy Sectors, Textile/ Garment, Hospitality, Hospitals and health etc.

IASE / CSE Council need to create awareness programmes / seminars to make the government / people of these countries to feel that we have come there not to exploit them but to develop them and the country. The project has been initiated as per the natures wishes / blessings

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