Master Fee Protection Agreement

Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Distribution &
Non Circumvention/Non Disclosure Agreement

Date: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Commodity: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Transaction Code: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Contract No: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Seller: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

The undersigned does hereby Irrevocably Guarantee with full corporate and personal responsibility and authority under Penalty of Perjury, to provide Fee Distribution of (USD _____________ PER _________) of total Commission for the Buyer’s side Intermediaries Total Face Value of each and every ____________________ as described above including all Rolls and Extensions thereof, Said Fees to be paid to the following Intermediaries:

(If transaction is tranched, payment will be made after each tranche.)

Buyer’s Intermediaries Mandate/Designate

1.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________________________

This Protection of US$ ________________ (United States Dollars) Per ____________ of Total Commissions will be paid to the Intermediaries named above for the entire Transaction including rolls and extensions and shall be paid by the wire transfer to their designated accounts as per their transactions. The payment shall be made without protest, delay and deductions (Other than Bank Wire Transfer Fee).

Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure

The Buyer above agrees that Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Rules of all issues from the ICC (400/500) apply to the herein for referenced Transaction for a period equal to the above mentioned Contract Period, from the date of the execution of this Non Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement similar observances shall apply to any other Transaction as a result of the introduction whether it is direct or indirect.

All the above Terms and Conditions and expressed commission (fees) per the above Buyer’s Code are to include extensions, Rollovers or Re-negotiated Transactions leading to new Contracts by and between Buyer and Seller and shall be covered under this Agreement between Buyer and the said entities so stated above.

The said Entities/ associates are not to be held liable for any reason in the above Transaction except for Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Violations.

Name, Signature & Seal/Stamp of Payer: _________________________________________________________________

Name and Signature of Beneficiary: ______________________________________________________________________

Name and Signature of Beneficiary: ______________________________________________________________________

Name and Signature of Beneficiary: ______________________________________________________________________

Name and Signature of Beneficiary: ______________________________________________________________________

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