Skill Development

The Mission of the International Organization for Educational Development - IOED is Educational Development and Economic Cooperation. Our offer to any country is development bound rather than time bound.

Development can be possible only if the concerned Government and the Stakeholders both are interested.

Skill Development: The IOED was formed on 6th June 2014 and registered and approved special Extraterritorial Status on 1st February 2016. During these years, it has got exceptional fame and recognition due to hard work, commitment and dedication of the respected team members of the IOED. As a result, time has come that the government is extending maximum support to achieve the targets of the organization and ready to cooperate with us due to our credibility. The IOED is also affiliated training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation NSDC on Skill India Portal and member of the and will enjoy income tax exemption on income, if any, from the Skill development program. Except this, the IOED is having International Organization IO status and there is no legal requirement to take Income Tax Exemption Certificate and FCRA Registration as it is an IO not NGO.

Our Team is our Strength: We have near about 27000 members from every field which consists of prominent Justices, Bureaucrats including other officers from IFS, IAS, IRS, IPS, Military and Paramilitary Forces Officers, Active UN Executives, Educationists, Diplomats, Medical Doctors and Health Professionals, Peace Activists, Human Rights Activists, Investors, Partner Government Representatives and Journalists and with the Partner organizations, the IOED has strived to promote Skilled, environment friendly, clean, safe and crime-free societies.

It is also our moral duty to support our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji who works vigorously to create a divine and holistic India and to see a glorious future of 132 Crore Indians. Except our developing partner UN Nations, the priority of the team of the IOED goes to the seven North-East states and eight socioeconomically backward states of India i.e. Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh, referred to as the Empowered Action Group (EAG) states, lag behind in the demographic transition and have the highest infant mortality rates in the country.

It has been always a challenge to change the mindset of young people and their parents, about vocational diploma as being second choice to academic education. Most of the youths want to see themselves becoming engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. just because they believe this will give them better job opportunities. If students within vocational Institutions who received a vocational education routinely earned better incomes than those who choose the academic route, then youngsters would factor this in their decision making. In most of the developed countries as opposite to developing countries, employers are queuing up to hire graduates of vocational programmes and there are more requests from employers each year than there are graduates. This means graduates of vocational Institutions in developed countries earn income better than graduates from other high institutions. I finally wish to stress that better quality of vocational courses or quality based vocational Institutions will lead to higher performance and productivity of Vocational graduates and hence higher wages and more job chances.

Out of all the eight programs of the IOED mentioned in its profile, Global skilled work-force generating program sufficient to meet the global demand of skilled workforce through providing one year Vocational Diploma course in Ayurveda and Herbals Naturopathy, Yogic Science and Alternative Medicines, Character Education, Computer Literacy, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Robotics, Self Defense and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement is most important to start without any delay in association with the existing educational institutions where they have infrastructure along with fooding and lodging facilities. Motto of this program is to provide good knowledge for real development at the rural and sub-urban level through quality training to the 10th and 12th passed School dropout students and above who belong to the economically weaker section. There are huge employment opportunities within India and abroad if candidates are cultured and have good knowledge about the particular trade.

Banker of the IOED will sanction and disburse education loan in favour of each enrolled student and bank account of the training provider Institute of Technical & Professional Studies will be credited so that all the expenses related to the training of all the students and salary of the trainers may be paid from this loan amount. This institution ITPS will sign the MOU with other concerned educational institutions.

As per strategy, the IOED will be Co-Guarantor of the education loan and will pay the instalment of the loan by deducting from the salary of the students. The IOED is also ready to take responsibility of the job of these students.
Attraction of this program:
- No additional permission/ approval from the local government is required
- Total Course fee is Rupees 148000/= but No fee will be charged in advance directly from the students or their parents.
- Trainers will get good remuneration
- Educational Institutions will get business
- The IOED will get Skilled Manpower to use
- Small Industries will be flourished
- Banks will also get secured business
- Real Development will be in the rural and sub-urban areas

Trust, you will positively appreciate this small attempt of the IOED, with huge responsibility on its shoulders to uplift the standard of living of the underprivileged citizens as well as our nation. This program will generate new jobs in all spheres. Kindly spread this message through your means if possible.

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